Перечень первого обновления Battlefield 4 (English version)

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- Added game manuals for various languages and platforms
- We now show your custom emblem on the Soldier page in the mobile app
- You can now choose to use the system language in the Battlelog tablet app
- Made the "Set Active Kit" button in Loadout bigger and more touch-friendly
- Implemented a new look and behavior for all popups, so they look better
- Implemented custom style for checkboxes and radio buttons
- Names for awards and unlocks are now displayed directly in Battle Reports
- Made the emblem bigger on Home and Profile pages
- "Misc" is now showed as the last, not first, category for Dog Tags
- We now show the criteria for unlocking the SP Assignments
- Various improvements for the PC in-game Battlelog
- Added a profanity filter when saving clan tags
- Polish when showing Battlepacks items, so they are more aligned, and also made the boost image bigger
- You can now click on feed event for completed SP levels to see the stats and progression for that user

- Fixed an issue that caused a memory leak
- Play Now for Squad Deathmatch and Domination now works as intended
- Fixed an issue where the Missions tab in the PC in-game Battlelog didn't load correctly
- Fixed an issue where the New User Experience would show several times for console soldiers
- Fixed an issue for Battle Reports, where the selected soldier wasn't marked in the scoreboard
- Show tag before name on the Dog Tags, so it is displayed as we do it in-game
- We now should the right cursor, when hovering your soldier portrait in Settings
- Fixed some flickering on iOS6 and iOS5 for the tablet app
- Report button is now shown for users, comments, forum posts etc. in the tablet app
- Removed some Server Browser filter options that weren't actually supported, and fixed other filters that didn't work as intended
- Fixed an issue where you couldn't click the notification icons in the header with BattleScreen open on tablet
- Fixed an issue where the share popup for Battle Reports was cut-off on Android tablets
- Fixed an issue where the Battle Reports overview page wouldn't show correctly if you didn't have any favorite Battle Reports
- Fixed an issue where navigating away from and back to BattleScreen would break the map
- Fixed an issue where deeplinking for dog tags and weapons from Battlepacks didn't always work
- Fixed an issue where completed SP levels would sometimes show multiple times in the feed
- Fixed it so the Punkbuster Needed popup links to the correct Punkbuster page
- Fixed an issue in Loadout, where the info button couldn't be clicked in IE9
- Fixed an issue where not all stats populated in the in-game Battlelog Soldier tab
- Fixed an issue where the New Player flow would show several times for console soldiers
- Removed the Cancel button for finished Missions
- Various fixes for opening Battlepacks on Battlelog
- Various fixes for the Unified Game Manager
- Various fixes for the popup dialogues
- Various fixes for the PC in-game Battlelog
- Many other small fixes and issues addressed

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